Study programmes

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Pedagogy, Education

The aim of this doctoral degree programme is to prepare graduates with in-depth knowledge of particularly educational disciplines. Emphasis is on the current trends of domestic and foreign theory and practice. The graduates – researchers in the area of education – will have command of the methodology of educational research and will be able not only to communicate in English but also to present the results of their research studies. The graduates will mainly work in universities and in research. This programme is also delivered in English.

Leisure activity management

This follow-up master’s degree programme focuses on undergraduate preparation of professionals in various areas of education and management in leisure school facilities and extracurricular education facilities (e.g. educational and accommodation facilities), in various cultural and educational institutions not controlled by the Ministry of Education, in non-governmental non-profit organizations that offer leisure activities to various target groups, and in commercial recreation and leisure organizations. The graduates may also work in social services or in healthcare facilities as mentors, leisure educators, animators, or activation employees.

Mentor training

This is a bachelor’s degree programme focused on undergraduate preparation of professionals in various educational, particularly in leisure education and in educational and accommodation facilities. The objectives of the study are divided into several areas. The first are is educational and psychological propaedeutics and special education training, including a basic medical course, foreign language and ICT. Other areas include subject-specific didactics including disciplines from the theory and methodology of education, leisure time education, and particularly specialization courses aimed music, art, natural science and vocational-technical activities, from which the students select two disciplines.

Social education

This bachelor’s degree programme has two specializations – Leisure time education and Prevention of socially pathological phenomena. In the common part of this study programme, emphasis is on the acquisition of knowledge in the area of social education, and inclusion of this knowledge into a broader theoretical framework of related disciplines. For their profession, social teachers need the knowledge of general education, philosophy, psychology, and special education. The aim of the study is not only to acquire the competences necessary for the area of social education, but also to gain an insight in the social, cultural and educational area. The graduates will acquire university qualification in the area of social education with a focus on mentoring and work in leisure facilities. This programme is delivered in cooperation with the Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology, Palacký University.

Social education

This follow-up master’s programme has two specializations – Designing and management and Educational counselling. The graduates from this study programme will be professionals provided with competences involving the theoretical knowledge of the field, developed practical social skills, and partial methodological and organizational abilities required in coordinating professional assistance and intervention. An integral part of the training programme will be the development of the students’ personality dispositions in terms of self-knowledge, self-reflection, and ethics in the work of a social educator. This programme is delivered in cooperation with the Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology, Palacký University.