The Institute of Education and Social Studies

The Institute of Education and Social Studies was established at the Faculty of Education on March, 4th 2009. Its foundation was preceded by the existence of an all-university Department of Education, which was founded at the Faculty in 1990, merging in the departments of education preparing prospective teachers from the entire university. According to their professional focus, the faculty of the Institute are divided into three sections. They are the sections of education, teaching licensure, and social studies. The contents of courses in each section reflect research aims of the teachers and accreditations of study programmes. There is close cooperation between sections. The Institute offers courses in theory of education and educational disciplines to prospective teachers at primary and secondary schools. The Institute further supervises education-related areas of its own study programmes. In continuing education of teachers, the Institute is responsible for courses in education provided to teachers of practical subjects and professional subjects (originally called masters of professional training) and part-time study programmes for teachers of both general and specialized subjects at secondary schools. The Institute has been also granted accreditation for a study programme preparing school leaders – Functional study II. It closely cooperates with the Centre for Lifelong Education, which the Institute helped to establish in 1994. Additionally, the Institute is in charge of the doctoral programme of Education, supervises the habilitation and professorships procedures. The Institute and its faculty have been among the university’s most successful applicants for research grants aimed primarily at the innovation of study programmes, introducing new majors or new forms of study. The titles of the projects can serve as examples: The preparation for the acquisition of teaching licensure; Evaluation pedagogic research and its methods; The operational field of social work – the background and the aim of the study; Research of new methods in creative competitions for youth aiming at motivating for research in natural sciences. The Institute has also an extensive collaboration with other institutions both Czech and from abroad (Slovakia, Austria, Germany, England, Finland, etc.). Further, it is a member of various organizations, societies, and associations (e.g. Czech pedagogical society, Czech association of pedagogical research).